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   Noni Tea  

Introducing the lastest product from Tahitian Noni International a new noni tea.

Originates from the noni element leaf, and as such, contains all the beneficial properties of the leaf.


Traditional Uses:

Polynesians used dried and crushed noni leaves to create a rudimentary form of tea. They used this noni leaf tea to treat a variety of discomforts. TAHITIAN NONI® Tea maximizes the benefits of the pure noni leaf in a delicious beverage.

Modern Research:

  • Newly discovered compounds found in noni leaves have proven to be rich in antioxidants making TAHITIAN NONI Tea a protection to your health. Flavinoids are part of these compounds. They protect cells and tissues from free radical damage.
  • The noni leaves in TAHITIAN NONI Tea aid in digestion and maintaining normal blood sugar levels.
  • Tea was researched to be an effective delivery method of the inherent health properties of the noni leaf.
  • Research in the field has shown that picking the noni leaves from the noni tree will not damage it in any way. In fact, leaves grow back at a greater rate with this resilient canoe plant.

Features and Benefits:

  • This first-ever, healthy and delicious TAHITIAN NONI® Tea is made through a precise process that includes:
    1. Careful harvesting and hand picking of the noni leaves. Only the best leaves are used and certain criteria must be met for leaves to pass. Leaves are sorted several times before being processed.
    2. Exact washing, drying, and roasting of each leaf.
    3. Proper formulation to ensure that you get all the nutrients inherent in the noni leaf.
  • The noni leaves used in our tea are not sprayed with any chemicals and are pure and natural.
  • The only ingredient in TAHITIAN NONI® Tea is the antioxidant abundant noni leaf, making this the most pure noni leaf product on the market.
  • This naturally caffeine-free tea helps eliminate toxins from your body and helps maintain proper digestion and a healthy immune system.

We Suggest:

  • Tucking the kids into bed, turning off the television, dimming the lights, steeping one bag to taste in heated water, and escaping to Tahiti.
  • Allowing the soothing aroma to melt your cares away as this tea laps at your lips as the soft ocean surf of the Marquesas islands.

Label Information:
Serving Size: 1g 
Servings per Container: 20 
Country: U.S. 
Roasted Noni Leaves
* Daily Value not established 
Steep one TAHITIAN NONI® Tea bag to taste in 8 ounces of heated water, and enjoy. 

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